The trend in healthcare has been shifting to holistic treatment with a number and ample of various ailments. However, the significant perspective of addiction (substance abuse), rehabilitation and detoxification focusing in part on holistic treatment are the focus of this topic. So often, one may pause to ask for the meaning of addiction (substance abuse), rehabilitation and detoxification (recovery). To be exact or extremely close to the point in question, addiction (substance abuse) is where by a person or an individual acclimatized him or herself with uncontrollable use of a substance that psychologically that individual craving for such a substance becomes a desire, “a pleasure” and indispensable in that individual state of mind. Eventually, such perspective becomes a compulsive, a chronic disorder or diseases, which can last for a long time and becomes part of the individual life style despite deadly attributes of the substance. If intervention fails to achieve its optimum goal, the worse scenario is that, the individual may end up overdosing on the substance and die, may involve in domestic violence, a car accident, driving under the influence, or a burglary by using a weapon in the quest of looking for money to acquire more substance. Please, do everything within your power to help a love one recover from addiction because addiction kills, destroy families, communities and the citizens (the public). (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

  • Cocaine: this substance is use by inhaling through the nose in a form of a powder, it is powerful and highly addictive and prolong, and repeated use causes significant weight loss and destroys the nasal passages.
  • Crack: I must say in a funny way that this substance is the brother of cocaine but in a more powerful form, which is usually smoked through pipes so short that it burns the mouth and hands. An individual can be hooked with a single use of this substance.
  • Heroin: This is far one of the worse addictive substance ever and metamorphoses through morphine, which the end user is in the form of a powder or sticky gel. Black tar heroin is what is known and prolong use brings about abscesses and scabs to the skin and destroys psychologically and internally.
  • Inhalants: Nail polish remover, paint thinner, gasoline and lighter fluid, household mixtures as mentioned can be inhaled for a brief abused and can cause muscle to become worse in condition. Repeated and prolong abuse of such household mixtures as mentioned would also cause psychological interferences.
  • Marijuana: A plant species called cannabis is known as weed and known all over the world and is the most common and cheapest, easy to come along. Pot is one of its names and many States in America has accepted its uses medically and legally, but repeated abuse for a long time, many years can taper brain function and cause lung damage. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!
  • Meth: Can easily be made through lithium batteries and drain cleaner, Methamphetamine or meth is extremely deadly and addictive, though the method of bringing it into reality is dangerous, however prolong repeated use causes tooth decay and act as a catalyze to the aging process.
  • Hallucinogens: These substances affect an individual mind negatively, though these substances are hardly used. However, abuse of mushrooms, D-lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), Phencyclidine (PCP) and salvia are addictive and have severe negative consequences on the mind by altering perception, awareness, thoughts and feelings.

In fact, addiction is a disorder or diseases and chronic as elaborated, and have the tendency of tapering the mind and individual behavior characteristics. Nevertheless, addiction can be treated, but the treatment is not easy as it may seem since addiction can be again a form of relapsing disorder or diseases, meaning, the individual substance abuser can come back and abuse the substance again after an attempt to battle or stop the behavior. Because of this relapsing notion, long-term or continuous treatment must be the goal here. There are various treatment centers for addition recovery, but the best of the best, which strictly and absolutely make sure that the individual abuser stop using drugs, stay drug-free and be important or significant and help and observed the family values and work ethics and be good to the community is Addiction Recovery Now. As matter of a fact, I am arguing you to CLICK HERE right now to addiction recovery now for help, or continue reading, but do not forget to click after you have condensed the information for help.

Apparently, since no single treatment is right for a designated individual abuser, effective and fast access to treatment can facilitate the individual abuser recovery process since the abuser needs and drug use would be evaluated immediately. In fact, the process here is a long-term and the individual abuser mind set to stick to the treatment if it is demanded is significant. Counseling, behavioral therapies and medications are important treatments that must be adhere and accepted by the abuser, nevertheless, most often, the treatment is streamlined to offset and modified to suit the individual abuser needs. AIDS/HIV, hepatitis, infectious diseases, tuberculosis tests are conducted on the individual abuser and a form of education is also given to them. Mental disorder assessments are part of the regiment the recovery abuser must go through, and It is necessary for the individual abuser to be monitored all the time when the use of drug become part of the treatment.

Detoxification (detox) is part of the process of recovery. Now, one may like to define the word detoxification, in which I would define the terminology in a fancier and an understandable way as simply as a liver cleans up. Various impurities’ such as toxic substances through which the individual abuser has been used for many years is being extracted or purify from the liver. In more defined form, the individual abuser comes back to homeostasis after prolong repeated abused of a substance (addictive). Homeostasis is where by when taken the external changes into consideration, the body or a cell searches and keeps up a healthy state and state of balance or steadiness in the internal organs such as kidney, liver, skin, etc. In medicine, dialysis is one of the methods for detoxification. Another method is getting rid of contamination of poison ingestion and the remedy to counteract the effect of poison. There is Chelation therapy, (heavy metal detoxification) but is not often depended upon as the others mentioned. In alternative medicine, detoxification diets are being practiced, though Scientists believed such alternative practices lack-supporting evidence. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

Alcohol detoxification brings the alcohol abuser’s system to normal. Suddenly withdrawal from a prolong alcohol addictions with no proper management medically equal brutal health constrains, which could result in fatal consequences. Since alcoholism cannot be cured by alcohol detoxification, to accomplish the treatment after the detoxification, various programs and treatments must be introduced to find reasons to the cause of the alcohol use and deal with it.

Drug detoxification is designed to accentuate programs, medications to facilitate a long-term treatment rather than objectively aspiring or aiming to treat the addiction through detoxification. The introduction of drug-free or through medications in combination of community programs, counseling and therapy are the focus here and these are far more in residential settings and not in medical atmosphere.

Metabolic detoxification is a series of enzymatic reactions that neutralize and solubilize toxins and transport them to secretory organs like the liver or kidney so that they can be excreted from the body.

Alternative medicine includes therapies such as water fasting, snake stones, oil pulling, body cleansing, scientology’s Purification Rundown, and much more. Nevertheless, even though, alternative medicine maintains to rid of toxins through herbal, electrical or electromagnetic treatment, however, scientists believed such alternative practices lack supporting evidence. Apparently, the trend in healthcare has been shifting to holistic treatment, which is an alternative or complementary treatment. So often, one may pause to ask for the meaning of holistic and to be exact or extremely close to the point in question, holistic encompasses the basic knowledge of physical, mental and spiritual being and motivation of humanity being applied to treat substance abuse or addiction. Holistic addiction therapies are meant to be non-medicinal recovery techniques or methods, which have been adopted to promotes healing. This explanation includes methods as defined and characterized with nature, cultural traditions practices such as the following. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

  1. Acupuncture and Acupressure

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine (TMC), which dates back many, many years ago, and it is use to treats dizziness, imbalances of the body. In medicine the word Vertigo is a symptom which is strictly associated with the inner ear and its nerves when they are not functioning in an appropriate way and have the tendency to interfere the brain capability to perceive precise motion. These abnormalities of Vertigo are as result of dizziness and can further progress worse to vomiting and imbalance. Acupuncture is used to treat Vertigo and it is still being used in this modern day.

Acupressure is an ancient Asian method or technique almost like acupuncture and uses the same meridians and points. The difference is that whilst acupuncture engages needles into the skin or body, acupressure applies the action of pressing the body by using the fingers into acupressure points. Dizziness, headaches, anxiety and nausea can be treated by acupressure techniques.

  1. Massage

Massage is an application of using the hands, fingers, elbows, knees, forearm, feet, or a mechanism to apply pressure to the body in variations of different movements precisely calculated in either a fixed or unfixed motion, stretching or rapid to-and-fro motion. Massage is purposely for treating sports injuries, postural misalignment and various painful conditions. Massage can also be used to improve relaxation and aids others to feel better. In respective to erotic massage, it is purposely done to initiate sexual excitements since different parts of the body are focus for pleasure. Erotic massage can be adopted to treat sexual health problems. Massage application is done by lying on a table, sitting and some lying on a mat on the floor. Submerged or floating is often associated with water therapy massage. Massage therapist are trained to perform these massage techniques. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

  1. Herbal medicine

Herbalism has been in existence for a very long time. Africans and Native Americans had been using herbs traditionally for various healing ceremonial and customarily functions. Other parts of the world also adopted the use of herbs as traditional medical system such as the Traditional Chinese Medicine, in which herbal therapies were applicable, so as the Ayurveda. Ayurveda, meaning the wisdom of life, which ages back to 2000 to 5000 years of the Vedic culture of India. The herbal medicine was in practice long before its significant were documented. Herbs has names such as botanical medicine or phytomedicine and comprises the uses of seeds, flowers, leaves, berries, roots and bark, with research, it has shown to have a significant attribute for treatment and prevention of diseases. It is also a fact that at an approximately one fourth of pharmaceutical medicine originates from herbal medicine. In fact, it was in evidence that according to the World Health Organization at an approximately 80% of the world depends on herbal medicine, particularly in Germany where at an approximately 600 to 700 herbs medicine are being prescribed at the rate of 70% by the German Physicians.

  1. Reiki and other types of energy work.

Reiki is one of the Chakra-based healing method under Chi-based Energy Healing and one of the most liked energy work. In fact, working with Reiki energy entail to have no definite commitment since the application is transmitted through the professional who is practicing hands to the client. This is an energy work by focusing vigorously to rid of the pain, a form of energy where the healer follows the body vigorous movement.

Other forms of energy are qi-gong, therapeutic touch, quantum touch, energetic unwinding, emotrance, cranio sacral therapy, in which all these energy works are chakra-based healing methods and are in the same group with Reike energy work.

Now, Meridian Based Chi Healing Methods is one of the two subcategories of Chi-based Energy healing methods. Energy Meridian is simply “waters flowing into the body” an illness becomes a form of obstacle and must be rid of. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Touch for Health Kinesiology acupuncture, acupressure, shin jin jitsu, and energy medicine are meridian-based methods.

Non-Chi Energy Healing. In this, attention is centered on invisible domain and concentration is on available opportunity for personal change. Some of the energy work of Non-Chi Energy Healing are Shamanic work, Matrix Energetics, flower essences, angelic healing, dream work, and spiritual inquiry. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

  1. Yoga and Medicine

Yoga deals with various posture of the body. In fact, the mind and the body are the major components with breathing and meditation as a source of energy, method, or technique. The critical study of fundamental beliefs and the grounds in perspective of practicing Yoga comes from India. Some of the styles of Yoga are Hatha Yoga, which is mostly adopted and were applicable in United States and Europe and deals with body posture, breathing and meditation. Within Hatha Yoga are styles and some of them are Ananda, Anusara, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Kripalu, Kundalini and Viniyoga. Yoga is always safe for people who are healthy and under the instructions of a professional Yoga Trainer. The rate of side effect and serious injury in perspective of Yoga is very low. In fact, there are certain medical conditions that cannot go full strength of some of the Yoga poses and there is a need for modification if such people with that medical condition chooses to practice the poses. However, there are certain people with some medical conditions that must refrain from Yoga poses. Some of these medical conditions are pregnant women, those people with high blood pressure, those with glaucoma and those with pain, weakness, tingling permeating to the lower back, to the foot or toes and calf. Per 2007 National Health interview survey (NHIS), the sixth frequently complementary health practice of adults in America is Yoga and an approximately 1.5 million children in the later years too practiced Yoga. The following are the advantages of Yoga, it improves overall health and eliminate stress, it relieves pain from lower back, neck pain and anxiety. It also regulates the heart rate and blood pressure by lowering it and it eliminate depression and insomnia.

  1. Biofeedback and Neurofeedback

Neurofeedback is where the brain is thought to perform more productively. The brain is studied carefully and periodically after which the result is conveyed back to the person. This process is step by step and it is performed in any part of the brain that can be measure. Accordingly, Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback because of its brain energetic action EEG, which is electroencephalogram. Biofeedback is a terminology that give account of issues governing the body, a method where issues are thought to regulate the physiological attributes with the use of a device known as electromyograph (EMG). The software is designed to teach the brain, the organ how to articulate on its own, feeling, and focus. Both Biofeedback and Neurofeedback are used to eliminate symptom, like headache or reduced the symptom tremendously. Neurofeedback take care of the symptoms that cannot be governed by the brain. These are anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, PMS and emotional disturbances, headaches and migraines and various sleep disorders. It also takes care of organic brain conditions like seizures, cerebral palsy and autism spectrum. Mental health professionals like the psychologists, family therapist and some MDs are providers of the service. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

7. Nutritional Therapy

As the saying goes, it is easier to take a pill than change a diet. Most often we are addicted to the food that will hamper our ability to develop a perfect immune system. Many of our choices of food have given way to several physical and energetic ailments. Nutritional Therapy is a way to use nutrition to improve and prevent ailment for a healthier life style. The ability to eat natural and pin point a specific food to fight a certain health condition is the goal. Nutrition Therapy replenish the body by researching the ailment and finding source to eliminate and treat the symptoms. Now, the concentration here is where do Nutritional Therapy fit into addiction recovery (holistic). This topic will fall into Mental Health and General Wellbeing, Weight problems and Cardio-Vascular Health. These health concerns are treatable through Nutritional Therapy (Holistic). Some of these symptoms are low mood, anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue, weight loss and high blood pressure.

Since Holistic treatment deals with the whole person and every aspect of the person including emotional, mental, physical, social and spiritual, it helps to elevate a person self-consciousness to the highest point. Meaning, Holistic treatment encourages one to go above one’s capabilities and that one can enlarge their livelihood and be enormous than what they are today. It encourages one to achieve a proper balance in life and believes that a person is composed of parts, in which these parts depends on one another. It goes further to articulate the fact that if one part is faulty, all the other parts would be affected. In the sense that, imbalances in either physical, emotional, or spiritual would be negatively affect the entire person state of health. Holistic as a terminology is associated with Hippocrates, which goes back as far as 2,500 years ago, as the concept has been elaborated here thoroughly, Hippocrates analyzed the significant of introducing equilibrium within a person. A person comprises of many parts and these parts depends on one another working in one harmony. Speleotherapy is a Holistic Therapy where one is kept in a cave and high amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), which is non-toxic is inhaled by the body and the body oxidize this carbon to produce energy. This process help cure any form of asthma. However, here, we are dealing with recovery addiction and that the cave cure several diseases, particularly respiratory ones, thus, the cave therapy would be one Holistic therapy that would benefits addiction recovery. With the support of a qualified mental health professional, a love one recovery from addiction may first and foremost have to accept the ideology of Holistic therapy, which in turn brings awareness and further promotes acceptance to self. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION), CLICK HERE!

If a love one refuses to adhere to addiction recovery, the chances are, the following may happen to the abuser, please click the link right here and witness what happens to alcohol addicted individual in a car clash. Please concentrate only on the first video and if you ever come across as witnessed, call law enforcement officers immediately, for, innocent citizens could die, a breadwinner in a family, a mother may be injured for life, a police officer could be in danger for the uncertainty of addicted and intoxicated mind. Domestic Violent is on the highest rate, burglary by using a weapon is also increasing rapidly all because of addiction, overdosing on the substance and die is also at its peak. Because of addiction, many people are losing their families and there is an urgent need to help your love one to get treatment from this brutal health risk. Addiction kills and must be stopped. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION, CLICK HERE).

Now, I have the privilege to provide to you some videos from YouTube so that you could have a clear understanding regarding reasons why you should do everything within your power to help your love ones to get help to recover from addiction, (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION, CLICK HERE). You must do everything possible to get help for your love ones because addiction kills as I have been repeatedly indicated all along, it also destroys families, community and citizens. The following are the videos, please concentrate on the first videos only. Former NFL player, who played in 3 Super Bowls, tells story how he beat addiction and how he helps others to overcome their addiction.

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