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Welcome you to This site is owned and operated by RomaBingles, Inc. A corporation in New York, Brooklyn. The site is an informational website and we are dedicated doing thorough research to bring to you the latest health information to your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. The philosophy here is to encourage you to get the best help in your local community, and State for your loved one's to recover from drugs and alcohol and stay out from addiction. Occasionally, we may update to streamline this section since we deal with a lot of health issues purposely for you to stay informed for the best help in the market on a given health topic. Please, be aware that overweight and obesity kills though can be prevented. Encourage yourself, your loved one's, family member or a friend dealing with overweight and obesity to consider losing weight. The slightest weight loss could save a life or lives. Please, also take note that, “We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites.”

In every addiction issues, recovery can be achieved through resilience, dedication, perseverance and patience to go through the recovery program and successfully completing it. We are here to encourage you to at least try to help your loved one's and that no one should give up on anyone. If someone tells you that I was paralyzed and confined to bed through health issues and complications for fourteen years and five (14 years and 5) months because of a drunk driver, you will not believe it. However, I was recovered after major surgeries and I should say healing is through God, but God helps those who help themselves. So, if you do not help your love ones diligently to recover from addiction, or to consider losing weight, help will not come by chance or by sitting down and doing nothing. Because I was resilience, dedicated, perseverance and patience to go through my physician’s recommendations, I have recovered in the sense that no one will ever suspect that I have been paralyzed before. We would like everyone to have the same spirit that took me through recovery and know that your loved ones can recover from addiction if you look for help. (PLEASE, FOR HELP TO RECOVER FROM ADDICTION, CLICK HERE).

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Your loved ones can also lose the weight and stay healthier for a longer, a better and enjoying life. No one has to die because of overweight and obesity. We would like you to lose weight. PLEASE CLICK THE FOLLOWING BELOW LINKS TO LOSE THE WEIGHT!

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