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Nobody would believe that cocoa which is predominantly from the West Africa of which Ivory Coast and Ghana are the world leading producers is powerful as a weight loss supplement. The reason which prompts me to stress on this point is that in West Africa everyone is aware that the end product of processing cocoa for consumption is chocolate. Hershey products for an example are one of those end products and many others. In West Africa where it is originated and produces in large scale everyone knows that cocoa has many uses. However, in a western world, few people know about cocoa and always confused cocoa with chocolate. According to   LIVESTRONG.COM “Cocoa Powder & Weight Loss” “Confusion”, emphasize was on the fact that cocoa is not a chocolate and that the two names cannot change to mean that chocolate is cocoa and cocoa is chocolate. Chocolate is the end product after processing cocoa which goes through series with additions of cocoa butter, cocoa, sugar and other ingredients to make chocolate. Cocoa is the beans, which comes from the cocoa tree, cocoa pod, which are ground to start the process of making a chocolate with other ingredients as elaborated. Cocoa compost of elements known as polyhpenols with its attribute as “inhibits digestion”. Now, one may be puzzled with inhibits digestion and polyhpenols.

According to LIVESTRONG.COM, “Cocoa Powder & Weight Loss” “Cocoa Polyphenols”, it stresses on the point that polyhpenols are antioxidants, which are in plants. Accordingly, a careful examination by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry in respective to polyphenols in cocoa plants influence on human digestion in April 2011 were the following. When human digestive enzymes were placed together with cocoa polyhpenols, the cocoa polyhpenols overpowered the enzymes from working. In conclusion, a previous careful examination has proven that cocoa has the power to influence food metabolism.

In fact, Cocoa Burn is a powerful weight loss supplement and according to ConsumerHealth Digest “Cocoa Burn Review: How Safe and Effective is this Product?” emphasize was stressed on the fact that the supplement is an effective mixture of components that enhances the metabolism and suppresses appetite. It stresses on the point that Cocoa Burn acts as a mechanism to combat the sugar addiction thereby solving the problem of overweight and obesity. The ConsumerHealthDigest also cited a carefully clinical examination of which the supplement was consumed for 90 days with a particular diet. As result, an average of 30 pounds was lost, which were more than three times as compared to those who only consumed that particular diet.

There are numerous benefits of Cocoa Burn, but how does it work? According to Supplement Police, “Cocoa Burn Review – Does life Essentials Thermogenic Fat Burner Work?”, it states that Cocoa Burn is compost of components which recognizes detrimental fat cells, and elevates the metabolism and suppresses appetite. Supplement Police also seconded the carefully clinical examination cited by ConsumerHealthDigest and that was in reference to the 30 pounds which were shed in a period of 90 days as detailed in the above paragraph. In fact, Supplement Police again supported the fact of this wonder supplement acting to reduce blood sugar in a proportionate of 33% within the initial 3 weeks while regulating the hormones of hunger. According to Supplement Police, apart from Cocoa Burn powerful fighting ability to rid of obesity and overweight, it also has the following benefits such as it enhances endurance, controls hypertension, combat mechanism of asthma and allergies. It treats problems such as congestive heart failure, high blood pressure, women sicknesses such as menstrual periods, which are painful, sexual problems, insomnia and others.

Now, one may overwhelm with this marvellous healer but then what are the active ingredients of Cocoa Burn? According to Health Bulletin, “Cocoa Burn Reviews: Can it Really Help Me Achieve My Weight Loss Goals?” emphasizes were strictly on the active components. They are the Green Tea Extract, the Chromium, the Brown Seaweed and Cocoa Powder and that Cocoa Burn is a product of life Essential, an American company.

According to Health Bulletin, Green Tea Extract is responsible for the lean body and lowering the fat. It stresses that because of Green Tea antioxidants its health benefits are significant and the extract is responsible enhancing the body metabolism, which in turn lowers the body fat.

Chromium component in this part has health benefits for reducing fat mass and enhancing lean muscle mass. It also controls the blood sugars and lowers the cholesterol and responsible for the mood enhancement.

Brown Seaweed, this deal with antioxidant which is known as fucoxanthin and plays an extremely significant part and acts as a powerful fat burner.

Cocoa Powder is the parent of this mixture and according to nutrition magazine Cocoa Powder ability to increase the body strength to metabolize the fat is superb. Enhancing cardiovascular health, enhancing the mood and toughens the immune system are all the responsibility of the Cocoa Powder.

As you can see, Cocoa Burn is a powerful tool designed to burn fat naturally. In fact, it is welcoming news for those of us who are suffering from complications of overweight and obesity to take advantage of this magnificent weight loss supplement. Save a life or lives by encouraging yourself or someone who is overweight and obese to consider buying Cocoa Burn to lose weight. According to Wikipedia, the free encyclopaedia, “obesity is the number one preventable cause of death in the world and has significant growing rates among adults and children. In 2014 alone, 600 million adults (13%) and 42 million children below the age of five were obese, particularly in women than men “.

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